Website Things To Do List per 8/26 Board Feedback


  • Add “South Carolina” to Pickens, so folks don’t confuse it with another Pickens
  • Combine the content from both pages onto the HOME PAGE
    • After that’s done, delete the ABOUT US page and menu link to it
  • Add Google Maps link to text about location of the guild meetings
  • Add Pickens zipcode (29671) to the page
  • There was a request to consider adding something about the purpose of the Guild being to foster the art of quilting to the page. Paige sent an email suggesting something like “Fostering the art of quilting in Upstate South Carolina”, OR perhaps something like “Quilting in Upstate South Carolina”
  • Replace the photo that were using in the header of the site with something that’s not copyrighted, per Paige’s email.


  • Remove the following sections from the page:
    • Mystery Quilt
    • Sit N Sew
    • Quilts of Valor
  • “Community Service” section – remove the 3rd sentence
  • Add a new section for “Quilting Bees”, and in that section add info about the handwork group and the Red Robins.
  • “August Membership Meeting” section:
    • Retitle the section to say “Monthly Membership Meeting”
    • Add a hyperlink to that section to the website’s “About Us” page
  • “Block of the Month” section:
    • Reword it so it says that in 2019 each month has a separate block. Remove any text about the Sunburst quilt, as that was last year’s quilt.
  • “Upcoming Area Quilt Shows” section:
    • In the blurb about our guild’s November quilt show, add a link to our website’s “2019 Quilt Show” page
  • Paige felt that the “Upcoming Area Quilt Shows” content shouldn’t be included in our Quilt Guild page but should be part of the “Links” webpage, so Janice created a new web page for that content, moved it there, and created a sublink to it under the “Links” menu item.


  • Replace the photo that’s on the header of the form with the guild’s logo
  • Add a new yes/no question about whether or not they want to receive an electronic copy of the membership roster
  • Add the guild’s PO box to the form
  • Add instructional wording to print the form out and bring it along with the dues payment to a guild meeting
  • Add “Spouse Name” and a blank line for the name


  • Remove these sections from the :
  • Quilts of Valor
  • Sit N Sew
  • Bold the font of the “August 2019” section
  • Remove the guild meeting from the November 2019 section
  • In December 2019 section, add a “Guild Holiday Party” event to Dec. 3rd
  • Add “Pickens Azelea Festival – Guild opportunity quilt ” to April 2020 (no date yet), along with a photo of the quilt if you can get a photo


  • Add text/photo about the Opportunity Quilt
  • In November after the quilt show is over:
    • On the webpage page and in the website’s menu bar, rename it from “2019 Quilt Show” to say just “Quilt Show”
    • Remove the page’s content
    • Create a new page titled “2019 Quilt Show”. On that page, Add content to the page with photos, lists of winners, etc. , and Make this new page be a submenu dropdown pick from the ‘Quilt Show’ menu item


  • Add a new section for non-sponsor stuff like Quilts of Valor and Quilts of SC. Add a business card if you can get them
  • Put some kind of web page visual divider between the non-sponsor section and the sponsor section of the page


  • Add the guild meeting location address and schedule info to the page, along with a Google Maps link to the location
  • Add the guild’s PO box information to the page.