Fabric Wrapped Rope Baskets

For interested guild members, a hands-on opportunity for fabric wrapped rope basket skill building/learning will be offered at the Guild’s Sewing Bees.

Basic Basket Materials:
• Braided clothesline (approx. 7/32” diameter)*
• Thread
• Sewing machine that zigzags, and bobbins
• Denim sewing machine needle
• 1” wide TRUE BIAS cut fabric strips
• Binder or sewing clips
• Glue stick (ie: Elmers washable school glue stick)
• Medical tape
• Straight pins
• Scissors

Fabric Wrapped Rope Basket Hands-On Learning Schedule:

Date Hands-On Learning Notes Supplies to bring
4-20-22 Basic Baskets (Review)
Multicolored basic basket
Basic round or oval basket construction review
  • Basic basket making supplies
5-14-22 Basket Handles and Basket Bottom Embellishment
Multicolored basic basket
We’ll be adding handles to the sides of the basket and adding an insert (ie: cork, fabric, etc.) to bottom of a basket
  • Basic basket making supplies
  • A piece of coordinating fabric that’s at least 1″ larger than the bottom of your basket will end up being
  • Iron on fabric adhesive (ie: Heat&Bond, WonderUnder) . It needs to be at least 1″ larger than the bottom of your basket will end up being
TBD Basket Rim Finishes Braids, yarn wraps, tabs
  • Basic basket making supplies
  • 15-20 feet of yarn that coordinates with your basket if you wish to embellish the rim with yarn
  • 2″ of flexible material (ie: leather, cork, vinyl) to make a tab with if you wish
  • Glue stick
TBD Basket Wave Designs

wave basket

Creating a circular wave design
  • Basic basket making supplies
  • 15-20′ of 1″ wide bias cut strips in a color/design that will stand out from the rest of your basket (you’ll be using them to make the waves)
TBD Raffia basket techniques
with raffia weave basket
Learn the raffia weave and how to incorporate it into a sewn basket
  • Basic basket making supplies
  • Large-eyed yarn needle
  • An additional 15-20′ of coordinating 1″ wide bias cut strips (you’ll be creating the raffia weave with them)
TBD Embellishments

Yarn couching, fabric “feathers”, beads
  • Basic basket making supplies
  • Some yarn
  • A piece of denim fabric at least 4″ square
  • Beads with at least a 1/4″ center hole (if you wish to add beads to your basket)


*Clothesline that has a braided cotton covering is the easiest to work with when learning

Please contact Janice Hinson if you have any questions.