Monthly Membership Meetings:

Our monthly meetings are held on 4th Tuesday of each month starting at 7pm.

Block-of-the-Month (BOM):

The Guild provides a BOM program for our members.  Guild members who wish to participate will be provided with the year’s Block-of-the-Month instructions and/or pattern, and color pallet.  Members will then create their individual quilts to be displayed at the end of the year.

For the 2022 BOM, participants will select several fabrics for a total of about 8-10 yards, and put them in a box with their name on it. The participant’s boxes will be exchanged at the monthly guild meetings. Members will use the fabrics in the box to make 1-2 quilt blocks measuring 12-1/2″ each, and then bring the blocks and box back to the next guild meeting for another set of BOM box exchanges. This sew/exchange cycle will continue until participants are notified the exchanges are over.

Presentation Quilt:

The Presentation Quilt is a quilt made by members of the Guild and raffled off at a designated time during the year, usually at the Quilt Show.

Challenge Quilt:

The quilts will be displayed, voted on in October, and then be part of our November quilt show.

Community Service:

Our Guild is proud to participate in several philanthropic opportunities throughout the year.  Each year the Guild selects and contributes to one or more non-profit community organizations.

Sewing Bees:

Members are encouraged to create and participate in the guild’s Sewing Bees. Info about these can be found here .